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Fair warning... the idea for this blog was born out of lack of sleep and an evening with Pinterest!
I have come to realize that it's impossible to collect my thoughts on these boys/men and gather them up chronologically to continue that book started so long ago --- I got as far as Evan's birth (he's 21 now) and I am intimidated at the task of filling in 20 years worth of data.
That word "collect" brings to mind gathering cards when it is your turn to deal. Well those thoughts can not be gathered quite that well, it's as if the last 20 years worth were thrown in the air and I'm still "collecting" all 52 - in fact I find them in the oddest places and at the most peculiar times.
As for my Pinterest reference, I actually used to enjoy doing image searches for fun with words like - vintage, 50's, Austen, Victorian etc. and NOW I can do that and get so much more than a mere search could provide... AND find others searching for the same things. Those boards made me realize I could do the same thing on here... with my remembrances of those cute little boys of yesteryear ...

Brown=Evan,   Blue=Travis,   Green=Oliver.

while reconciling them with the men I am still raising.

Most dysfunctional family pic ever... yet it captures the REAL us!


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