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Can I just say - it's been one of those weeks! I feel like one of those early vaudevillian performance artists who kept all the plates spinning, arms rotating hoops, while balancing on a ball. Meanwhile the audience watched, entertained, yet ready for it all to come crashing down. My audience stays thoroughly entertained, however, they will get a shout-out for help if I'm about to fall but we haven't had to buy a new set of china yet :)

This week - I learned more about the bios, protocols, f-keys, and drivers for my wonderful laptop ... that is only three years old... than I thought was possible at this wonderful age - I mean I am getting a hip replacement next week. By the way, is there some comparison out there with the shelf life of a laptop and dog years - because really, three years?

Here's what happened. I have tons of music, music videos, eBooks, audiobooks, old and new movies and a few complete TV series. I think somewhere inside my subconscious I'm preparing to keep two autistic adults thoroughly entertained during the coming apocalypse. Regardless of my insane justification for a terabyte and a half of external hard drives, all those files lend themselves to being categorized, right? And categories need new folders...which I suddenly found myself without as the context menu started substituting a briefcase or a 0 kilobyte file when punching the button "make new folder" in Windows explorer rather than giving me that nice little yellow folder. My attempts to fix via scripts and reg key fixes turned into a mission to repair without re-installing the operating system, I mean - it was not a network connection problem or a failing hard drive - this thing is on constantly and never gets hot - it's an awesome machine. To think - a little yellow folder almost turned it into a paper weight - with my help, of course.
Too late to make a long story short, however, the FIRST end result was a a WIN7 repair attempt and a continuous loop of an error message with an automatic restart trying to go in repair mode yet again. Thankfully this is all after I put everything that I needed from C: on the external drives. So I had the brilliant idea to get an old Vista upgrade CD to force it out of the loop - which it did - and offered something I thought was the solution... repartitioning. Genius! I had all I needed, wiped out the error, and began again with WIN7. Went on great, called to activate, fine... slowly tested some programs... still lightening fast.
It's NOT unexpectedly, YOU keep telling me to click OK to restart... how is this a surprise?

For one brief moment I forgot that I lived in a cyber horror house where I had, until recently, named my personal wireless network "The Bermuda Triangle." So, my SECOND end result was that genius move of repartitioning wiped out every trace of native ASUS programming. I found myself with a very fast computer with which to start a diary or play the occasional game of solitaire... oh wait, no solitaire unless I find an old game disc that was compatible... so, essentially a $700 paper weight.

No drivers. Lesson learned... they are so important... I have a new appreciation for that convoy going on under the keyboard now. In all, 119 drivers to locate... and trial and error while figuring out the order in which they needed to be installed. Thankfully I knew enough to borrow my mother's laptop and download drivers to a flash drive to run the wireless network card so it could find my router sitting a measly 6ft away.

The rest was tedious, because of course the previous bit wasn't, ha :) ... however, I saw some interesting screens that I'm sure are meant purely for those developers at ASUS or the Geek Squad at Best Buy. At first there were quite a few "blue screens of death" because my choices were limited to "enable" or "disable" on things I could only guess at what it pertained too... and then remember to switch it back should catastrophe strike again as I found myself furiously hitting F-keys during start-up.

I do know that life in general around here is entertaining in a fashion - usually way after the stress surrounding the entertaining incident is gone... and it generally supplies most of the anecdotal conversation for that week... however, anyone who has become acquainted with me knows I do not suffer from a shortage of words.
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Fair warning... the idea for this blog was born out of lack of sleep and an evening with Pinterest!
I have come to realize that it's impossible to collect my thoughts on these boys/men and gather them up chronologically to continue that book started so long ago --- I got as far as Evan's birth (he's 21 now) and I am intimidated at the task of filling in 20 years worth of data.
That word "collect" brings to mind gathering cards when it is your turn to deal. Well those thoughts can not be gathered quite that well, it's as if the last 20 years worth were thrown in the air and I'm still "collecting" all 52 - in fact I find them in the oddest places and at the most peculiar times.
As for my Pinterest reference, I actually used to enjoy doing image searches for fun with words like - vintage, 50's, Austen, Victorian etc. and NOW I can do that and get so much more than a mere search could provide... AND find others searching for the same things. Those boards made me realize I could do the same thing on here... with my remembrances of those cute little boys of yesteryear ...

Brown=Evan,   Blue=Travis,   Green=Oliver.

while reconciling them with the men I am still raising.

Most dysfunctional family pic ever... yet it captures the REAL us!


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